We commanded three technology trends which have the potential to be disruptive to CIO’s and IT organizations.

Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics Services, Big Data Services


We all know that technology trends are determined as one with the potential for significant impact on the organization. Factors that reflects significant impact include a high potential for disruption to the business, end users or IT, the need for a major investment, or the risk of being late to adopt. These technologies impact the organization’s long-term plans, programs and initiatives.
No matter what your business is, these disruptive technologies are getting accepted in almost every aspect of it. We can help you to start realizing benefits from it. Click below to get more insight and work we have done in these areas.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In year 2015 shown a change in operational definition of Internet of Things (IoT) is the seamless data flow between the BAN (body area network) like smart t-shirt, LAN (Local Area Network) smart thermostat, WAN (Wide Area Network) Telematics like connected cars, VWAN (Very Wide Area Network) Smart city as e-gov services everywhere no longer tied to physical locations.

Our IoT Solutions

We can help you to leveraging IoT as a opportunity, be it in any sectors like transportation, manufacturing, energy, government, healthcare, education, and financial services. We enable you to capture hidden opportunities and realize new milestones. We have helped many clients throughout the globe to unlock the opportunities associated with IoT through a combination of experience based strategic guidance, delivery support and insight.
Bourntec Solutions Inc. provides strategic direction and implementation support across these IoT areas:


Creating a “sixth sense” by leveraging real-time IoT data and extending it across the enterprise.


Building an IoT approach that is aligned to your things and integrates your objectives


Creating connections to manage and optimize your things to enable greater efficiencies


Turning today’s reactive organizations into proactive practices that are able to predict needs.


Enabling organizations to create new modes of business using IoT experiences and data



Ensuring IoT platforms remain uncompromised with both data security with physical access.

Big Data

Day by day volume of big data is accelerating. Bourntec provides Big Data Solutions using best-of-breed technologies, which includes open source and traditional platforms, to help you derive mission value from big data. We design systems to enhance and maximize the user experience with data through intensive visualization.


Bourntec Big Data solutions can empower your business to move ahead of the competition. We leverage the power of open source with Cloudera’s Distribution, including Apache Hadoop (CDH), and Oracle’s engineered systems to meet business needs and accelerate implementation timelines. Our expert enables robust cluster design, development, and deployment. From concept of your idea through production, pilot to implementation, our consultants can help customers unleash the value of your data.

Bourntec, a leading Analytics services provider offers solutions that can help organizations capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data and derive actionable insights from their data. Our business domain expertise coupled with rich technical competencies enable us to define a Big Data strategy for your organization, integrate Big Data into your overall IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution and empower your business.

Bourntec’s Big Data analytics solution helps uncover insightful information embedded in the vast sea of social media data, thereby influencing critical business decisions. With 70-80% accuracy, that can still be increased by expanding the training data set, our unique solution boasts of the following:

Our Big Data solution is more than the sum whole of the impressive functionalities that it boasts of — It is a key business driver that furthers the firm strategy through multiple levers like brand comparison, competitor evaluation and reputation analysis.

Bourntec channelizes adaptors and wrappers for extracting voluminous diverse source of data with varying velocity in batches and real-time mode.

We explore data from business operations and customer interactions that seldom find their way into a data warehouse or standard report, including unstructured data coming from sensors, devices, third parties, web applications, and social media – much of it sourced in real time on a large scale.

Technology Tools: Apache Sqoop(TM)Vendor/ Custom Connectors

Bourntec leverages the power of Industry tools Hadoop, NoSQL databases, Database Appliances for optimally storing huge volume of data with minimal TCO. We can capture, store and process structured and unstructured data available in form of emails, documents, corporate collaboration system, machine generated data and social media.

We adopt agile Big Data techniques for distributed processing, data mining of dynamically processed data having characteristics of Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity

Technology Tools : Apache Hive, Pig ScriptMapReduceHBase, HDFS

Bourntec enables human centric activities such as exploring, analyzing, predicting, and monitoring of behavioral patterns, remediate fraud, risk quantification, marketing campaigns, market sentiments, forecasting. These can be automated by leveraging the machine learning techniques and ability to take quicker and smarter decisions.

We enrich data for generating business growth by extending the potential of statistical models and NLP techniques and leveraging domain knowledge. We can elevate data integration methods to get a 360 degree view of related content by extracting a holistic view of structured and unstructured data from diverse sources.

Our strategies empower users with deep insights, easy slice and dice of data on web, mobile enabled dashboards and scorecards.

Technology Tools: Dashboard



As a business executive you need the information.  Additionally, your analytics should be more than a mirror of the past.  This information must give you the ability to understand what is happening in the moment, and help you predict where your business can go.
Forrester says that only a small percentage of companies are converting data quickly enough to leverage it for better insight. By embracing a more agile BI approach, you can win, serve, and retain customers like never before.


We recognize that no single solution will fit the needs of every organization and take a holistic approach to provide targeted recommendations to ensure consistency, superior data quality and high performance. We offer consulting services and Business Intelligence Managed Services to ensure that your mission-critical systems are constantly monitored and managed to achieve targeted performance, stability, reliability and continual availability.

Most businesses are looking at BI and Analytical solutions as the market demand for more advanced decision making systems to compete with the dynamically changing market trends. Business intelligence has become a Critical Catalyst for decision making and sustained growth. Our services cover the entire spectrum of Business Intelligence solution life cycle. The reusable components in our BI framework will help you build a robust, flexible and simple to use systems.

  • Gives you all the information to efficiently grow your business
  • Reports your business status to grow and not just run your business
  • Can be your online Sales Assistant
  • Your Business tracker and a handy tool during your business negotiations
  • Will be Customized to your business scenarios
  • Exhibits your management efficiency
  • Hierarchy based security framework
  • Web based dashboards to report your business KPIs
  • Gives you all the information to efficiently grow your business

We help you to Improve your decisions

  • Hotels: How do you embed analytics across promotions, loyalty and guests?
  • Cruise Lines: How do you market to your best guests when they cruise?
  • Casinos: Are you utilizing ALL the data that your casino generates?
  • Restaurants: Have you embraced analytics as a strategic differentiator?
  • How much do I invest in marketing?
  • What is the optimal price for my product?
  • How do I incorporate social media data into my marketing decisions?
  • Should I invest in this new product?
  • Who do I target for this marketing action?
  • What is the optimal price for my product?
  • How much should I invest in marketing?
  • What do I add or remove from my loyalty program?
  • Who do I target for this marketing action?
  • When do I need to restock?
  • How does a Predictive Maintenance model reduce costs?
  • What can I do with my geospatial, sensor and other data to streamline operations?
  • How can big data improve safety and compliance?
  • Who will benefit most from my big data investment?
  • How do I handle data from such a wide variety of sources?