Solve your IT Infrastructure Management challenges with ManageIT, world-class monitoring software that allows you to discover assets in your infrastructure & view the performance in real time, setup custom alerts, and maintain anytime, anywhere visibility into your network. It also allows you to to handle services management through PinkVerified  ITIL Processes and intuitive Dashboard and reporting.

WHAT IS ManageIT ?

What ManageIT can do for us?
For us,‘ManageIT’ is a highly adaptive & robust IT infrastructure management solution. ManageIT Deliver the highest quality IT Infrastructure management and ITSM services to empower your team to do more with the resources you have. Bourntec’s ManageIT is a highly scalable, secure and reliable IT systems management solution, It can easily be able to address the IT Infra Management requirements of all size of businesses from small to mid-size to enterprise level .

Our ability to choose the right technologies – and our expertise in wielding them – is key to our customers’ success. We partner with some of the world’s top technology providers – like Amazon Web Services, IBM and Puppet Labs – for no other reason than they’re simply the best on the market.

While countless successes allow us to draw on tried design patterns and intellectual property, our approach is highly tailored and very collaborative. We align with your culture and integrate with your people – we can manage engagements or work at the direction of your leaders.

Our people embody the philosophy of DevOps – with standalone expertise in both development and operations, they’re also uniquely experienced in combining the two. As experts, they’re smart and savvy; as people, they are respectful and dependable.

"What we can offer to you in DevOps"

Reduce Time to Market

The demand on business to keep pace with technology is immense – users want new experiences, now. We see the same thing time-and-time again – technology teams under immense pressure to deliver innovation faster. Resources are stretched and nerves are frayed. Organisational roadblocks compound the weight and slow the pipeline down.
Helping you move faster is what we do best. We draw on considerable expertise to bring your ideas to market quickly and get you to the front of the pack. More than that, we help you build the long-term capability to stay there.

Ensure Sustainability

Getting to market fast enough is a challenge – getting there with certainty is another obstacle altogether. For our customers, the pressure to sustain pace means deployments are often rushed and quality compromised – this is when they come to us.
Delivering fast doesn’t have to mean being resigned to imperfection or inconsistency. Reliability is deeply embedded in every aspect of our work. Our proven automation and testing processes – backed by the expertise and experience of our people – ensure speed and certainty are not mutually exclusive; they come as a package deal.

Innovate Together

Leading the pack means more than just arriving first and being consistent – it requires creativity and vision. Innovation for the benefit of our customers is our mission and our passion. We help you be more than just reactive; we’re constantly exploring new trends and technologies to ensure you can see and plan for what’s coming next.
A partnership with us means access to new ways of addressing problems and identifying opportunities – solutions that make an impact and give you a competitive edge. We cultivate new ideas and technologies and put them to the test – then we put them on your radar.

What we are up to in DevOps

While we always keep an eye on the horizon, we build our solutions based on what works best right now. Our people have considerable expertise in current leading technologies, and our offerings combine innovative approaches with best-practice methodologies. Here is an overview what we’re currently doing in DevOps. We specialise in a range of DevOps services and tools, either as part of an end-to-end solution or as standalone offerings.


 Assessment of mobile delivery and SDLC Recommendations for uplift Software delivery optimisation Tooling analysis ROI creation.


Infrastructure-as-code Environment test automation Version controlled holistic releases Measurable and managed environment cost and utilization.


Cloud and virtualisation platform consulting Configuration of environments in public and private cloud Cloud automation.


Enablement of build pipeline Automated deployments Software release management.


Continuous integration Build pipe-lining Definition of release candidate Deployment automation Artifact management Dash boarding.


Unit Integration Functional Performance Security  Environment.