We support leading cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, SFDC, Windows Azure, Savvis, VMWare, NetApp, IBM, Google, NetSuite, Oracle Taleo, Workday, SAP, Eloqua, Rackspace and many others.
Our partnerships with these leading cloud providers accelerate time-to-value for clients.

Platform for Millennial Enterprises

Gravitron® is the industry’s first secured, managed, governed and utility based ‘Business Service Brokering Platform’ to adopt hybrid cloud megatrend. It is a single pane of glass to effectively integrate, aggregate, customize and arbitrage various information technology / business services across multi-cloud environments. Gravitron® is not only focused on the public cloud but extends arms into datacenters, private and hybrid cloud capabilities.

Gravitron is an end-to-end business service brokerage solution for infrastructure, platforms, software and business services whilst ensuring cloud based governance, risk and compliance management thus enabling IT to act as service broker. It is focused on connecting the IT and business demands by the virtue of integration, aggregation or customization of IT services that support core business functions. The platform provides feature to manage heterogeneous on premise as well as cloud services by multi-cloud management for improved agility and elasticity to business needs. Multi-tenant architecture with restful APIs built on extensible integration framework is the foundation of robust interoperable service brokering engine powered on the key features like chargeback and spend management, resource management, policy driven governance, intelligent baselining and benchmarking scoring for public clouds and on premise IT landscape. Gravitron unify service delivery and management of private, public & hybrid cloud application/services and consumerise them via customer-facing self-service catalog/Appstore available on any smart interface for on demand consumption.

Bourntec Cloud Gravitron Tool


Converged Brokerage Services1

  • Adaptive single pane for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS & BPaaS in Public, Private, Hybrid & Community Cloud.
  • Enhanced value driven Aggregation, Integration & Customization of services.
  • Migration, On-Demand Bursting & Complex Business & Compliance rules enforcement.
  • Unified Management & Blueprinting for complex Business Applications.

Agile, DevOps, SecOps & AppOps2

  • On-Demand platform for DevOps culture enabling Agile development.
  • Continuous Development, Continuous Improvement, Continuous Securitization & Continual Operations.
  • Faster development time to market for Business on demand.

Test Environment Management Systems3

  • Provision Application Infrastructure.
  • Optimize Testing Lab Usage with better RoI on IT Infrastructure.
  • Prebaked Best Practice Test Methodology.
  • Code Test Control, Code Quality Control & End-2-End Performance Assurance.

Internet of Everything/AI&Cognitive Machine Learning4

  • Single pane to connect and manage sensors, connected devices & systems.
  • Proactive Risk Management & Protection.
  • Unified Information Management with Data Acquisition and Verification.
  • Enhanced & efficient Business Process Automation driven by AI & Cognitive learning.

Big Data Analytics & Vertical Wrappers5

  • Leveraging Big Data behavioral analytics for creating Industry specific verticalized processes & solutions.
  • On Demand analytics characterized by 3V’s for industry solutions.
  • Quicker, faster & cheaper complementary solutions to enhance customer experience.

Converged Lifecycle Management6

  • Adaptive monitoring, management & automation/orchestration of traditional legacy systems to new age virtualized/containerized solutions from single pane.
  • Business Matrices, Scorecards and Dashboard for IT and Business Infrastructure management.
  • Synergizing human behavioural patterns and infrastructure automated orchestration.


Cloud computing is an evolving paradigm. You can’t build the business of tomorrow with a legacy system. Grow your business smarter, faster, and more reliably within Cloud.
Structuring your infrastructure in a Cloud environment is an approach that makes use of cloud computing platforms and services to provide your business with more flexible business process approach, transformation and end user experience.
We can help you to leveraging Cloud as an opportunity, be it in any sectors like transportation, manufacturing, energy, government, healthcare, education, and financial services. We enable you to capture hidden opportunities and realize new milestones. We have helped many clients throughout the globe to unlock the opportunities associated with Cloud through a combination of experience based strategic guidance, delivery support and insight.
Bourntec is a Global Strategic Consulting Partner for AWS. Few differentiatorAmazon Consulting Partner Logo

  • Strong Cloud computing Practice.
  • AWS Certified Resources – Over 20.
  • Proven Cloud Consulting & Assessment Methodology.
  • Successful Cloud Reference Architecture.
  • Proven and compliant Cloud Implementation & Migration methods.

Bourntec is a  Strategic Partner for Microsoft Azure. Few differentiatorMicrosoft Azure Partner Logo

  • Strong Cloud computing Practice for Microsoft Azure.
  • Using MS Azure infrastructure, Bourntec offers Cloud Management services to various Enterprise Customers.
  • We provide Azure end to end solution considering backup, monitoring, patching and support.
  • We also provides MS Azure as a Managed service.
  • AZURE Certified Resources –  Over 20.

Bourntec Solutions Inc. provides strategic direction and implementation support across these Cloud Service Areas:

Our cloud team frequently consults in the following areas.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: We assess and document business and IT drivers, determine cloud readiness, perform audits, assess readiness for adoption of the cloud.
  • Strategy Cloud Transformation Roadmap: We define future-state vision and cloud service models for migration to the cloud.
  • Commercial Business Impact Analysis: We craft a revenue generation model for cloud services, evaluate cloud ROI, and choose the right cloud platform and deployment model.
  • Migration/Integration Advisory Services: We enable you to analyze and understand how your business applications are hosted in the current environment and carry out an in-depth analysis of your applications’ amenability towards Cloud. This helps in developing a readiness plan for Cloud Migration. We also help you build and orchestrate a comprehensive enterprise integration strategy, encompassing Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), B2B integration and cloud integration. Our proprietary framework of methods, reusable components and best practices to help you plan, strategize and execute cloud integration.

Our hosted and managed cloud infrastructure runs in our Hosting partner’s world-class data centers and gives enterprises choice and flexibility for managing mission‑critical applications in a hybrid cloud environment. And because we use Bourntec’s CloudFlex platform for provisioning, automated monitoring and orchestration of multiple clouds, you can manage and scale applications without adding hardware or hiring specialized skills.

We deliver a hybrid IT cloud infrastructure based on your choice of heterogeneous cloud platforms, including:

  • Private, public and hybrid deployment models.
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and BPaaS delivery models.

Cloud Application Services provides variety of recurring and business critical tasks as service to ensure guaranteed positive outcome every time

  • Application Migration to the Cloud: Re-host applications to the cloud, reengineer applications for the cloud, or replace with COTS cloud options.
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Management Services: Options include public cloud hosting (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure), client-hosted private cloud or cloud infrastructure.
  • COTS Software Deployment to the Cloud: Applications readily moved to the cloud include Microsoft SharePoint‑on‑demand and SAP‑on‑demand.
  • Use of Cloud VMs for Development, Testing and Training: Includes support and testing of large‑scale Web applications such as e‑commerce sites.

Cloud Software Services combines the power of SaaS with a differentiated methodology to enable you to achieve the business outcomes you are seeking from a cloud enabled approach including:

  • Process Driven Cloud Transformation allows organizations to leverage the cloud as a means to transform their enterprise processes and achieve business objectives.
  • Hybrid Cloud is characterized by existence of multiple cloud applications running in conjunction with on premise applications.
  • Multi-Cloud Orchestration is characterized by the related use of best-of-breed SaaS solutions used to fit organizational requirements.
  • Change Management is required as cloud implementations often transform business models and force necessary change at all levels, including systems, process, organization and people.

We help clients implement a sound steady state management strategy for their cloud ecosystems. We help define governance models that include delivery and operational policies. The key tenets of these, which cover the breadth of Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) activities, including the following:

  • Service Delivery: Includes provisioning, self‑service, service‑level management (SLA), regulatory compliance, availability auto‑scaling, high availability considerations, cloud bursting, continuity backup, failover, DR and security.
  • Service Operations: Includes monitoring, orchestration and automation, auditing, access management, incident management, metering and chargeback, cost management and optimization and continuous improvement through analytics.

Through our Cloud Management services offerings, we help define an optimal cloud operations framework that enables continuous delivery of development/operations (“dev-ops”) across a heterogeneous combination of private, public or hybrid cloud models.