Bourntec Contact Center Services focus on Business & IT Services that increase competitive advantage through added efficiency and effectiveness and make innovation and rationalization of strategies.

About Bourntec Contact Center

We are a contact center technology service provider aimed at providing advisory, analytic, managed IT and staff augmentation solutions at the best measurable results. With a significant expertise in Social media, Analytics and Cloud Contact Centers, our team strives to provide optimal solution for our clients, meeting their requirements that match with the changing business trends. At Bourntec, you can see a team of well-versed professionals who offer contact center services from industry giants like Genesys, Cisco, Avaya etc. Our prime focus is to increase customer satisfaction and omni channel footprint through 3rd party integrations with leading CRM solutions such as SalesForce, MS Dynamics, Oracle RNT suite and BigData providers.

Features of Bourntec Contact Center

In the world of Omni channel customer support, Bourntec’s unique integration expertise and of SMAC capabilities provides you an edge in making Happy Customers. Some of our standout attributes are:

  • We offer seamless interactions through custom built routing strategies that could serve every unique business requirement.
  • Customer journey insights are analysed by our AI powered analytics tools to draw meaningful conclusions on how to improve offered services.
  • Real time contextual information is reviewed by our analytics team to retain and generate customer value.
  • Cloud-native and agile technology stack for helping you innovate in accordance with your business needs.
  • AAA (Anytime-Anywhere-Any Device) monitoring of your Contact Center health and auto-reporting by using in-house built Infra health monitoring solution.

Why Bourntec Contact Center?

With a history of 6+ years in this industry, we have delivered optimal results to our clients. Our mission-focussed alternatives have helped clients in both public and private sectors. So here’s why you should choose Bourntec for contact center solutions.

  • In addition to industry leaders in Contact Center domain, we focus on business practices that work on Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Infor and more.
  • We’re one stop shop for all Platform applications, Database, Middleware, Business Intelligence, Cloud, BigData, IoT, Engineered Systems and many more.
  • Our services of software and development are easily reusable and extendable.
  • With a suite of in-house built solutions such as Next Leap, ManageIT, Gravitron Cloud, we can be your end-to-end IT provider for your ERP, E-business Solutions, EPM, Product Engineering, DevOps and IT infrastructure businesses.
  • Fully automated Interactive Voice response system.
  • Integration with market leading speech analysers and NLP providers.
  • Wide range of expertise and exposure to both Cloud and On-premise Contact Centre Deployments, Development, Testing and Support via pool of expert consultants.

A Case Study For Bourntec Contact Center Services

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