Bourntec has been into business for more than two decades. At Bourntec we believe in Agile principles and our cumulative experience working with distributed teams in different geographical locations. We provide sleek agile iterative deliveries, which enable our customers to stay focused, engaged in and continuously measure the overall progress and project quality. 


Since our start in 1994 we have provided successful results to our clients. We deliver mission-focused alternatives for demanding clients in public and private sectors. As your partner and Systems Integrator, Bourntec provides powerful IT expertise and delivers solutions in the areas of software, hardware and IT staffing to help businesses of all sizes lower costs, optimize infrastructure and increase efficiencies delivering results.

We maintain focused business practices spanning Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Infor and more.  Areas include Platforms, Applications, Database, Middleware, Business Intelligence, Cloud, BigData, IoT (Internet of Things), Engineered Systems and more. We have created a component based architectures of our own, which makes our services easily reusable and extendable. We strongly believe that knowledge management as a critical success factor which plays a crucial role in covering all aspects of the software, service and development.

Our expertise, industry insight and strategic leadership allows us to deliver the desired results.  We are diligent about expanding our technology and business software knowledge-base, core capabilities and services to help you take advantage of the latest leading-edge technologies. 



Bourntec provides proven expertise in product engineering methodologies that address a variety of needs, including:

Healthcare Methodologies

Our methodologies can be easily adapted, customized, and optimized to your specific needs. Depending on your requirements and needed expertise, we offers a variety of flexible engagement and delivery options, including: