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Category Archives: Events

Join Us at Oracle OpenWorld 2016

Openworld 01

Oracle OpenWorld September 18-22, 2016 in San Francisco. There is an opportunity to learn the key information to get the most out of our current and future Oracle products and technologies. In addition, you will have access to the Bourntec experts and more than 2,500 sessions

  • Discover new product and technology solutions
  • Improve technical proficiency and knowledge
  • Learning tips and tricks for currently installed products
  • Understanding where the industry is headed
  • Bring home what you have learned and add value to your company
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Meet us at “Container World 16”, Santa Clara, CA February 16–18, 2016


Join the Bourntec team and meet us at Container World 16, in Santa Clara, CA. This event will present case studies from Business Decision Makers and IT Ops Heads, as well as DevOps Leads and Engineers from the technical teams rolling out container technology in practice. It is a true ecosystem event, addressing the strategic implications of containers and the associated trends as they disrupt the cloud market.

We hope to meet you there.

Team Bourntec


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Bourntec Leads the Way on AWS Implementation

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